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Destin High School Fishing Class

ECBGFC supports the first ever high school in existence in Destin, Destin High School, and their accredited Fishing Class lead by Captain Mike Parker to help educate and fund students in the bountiful joys of fishing and livelihood that comes along with it.  The students earn class credit for volunteering at our fishing tournaments and events, which help them learn management qualities, fish identification, and fish handling skills along with communicating and building relationships with our teams and boat captains. 

We are honored to be able to support the Destin High School Fishing Class. ECBGFC presented the first check to Principal Christine Cruikshank and Captain Mike Parker at the 2022 Sportsman's Ball.  


As of January 2023, the Emerald Coast Big Game Fishing Club will be launching the Destin High School Fishing Club.  Whether students are an experienced angler or ready to learn about fishing, we encourage all grades at Destin High School to join. 

Students can register at the school with Captain Mike Parker or Principle Cruikshank.

Dues are $25.

What to expect from this Fishing Club?

  • Learn the basics of fishing

  • Share fishing stories with other club members

  • Fishing field trips & tournaments

  • Education on conservation

  • Discuss hot topics with Guest Speakers

  • Community support & service

  • Be a part of the Emerald Coast Big Game Fishing Club tournaments

  • and so much more!

If you would like to get involved with or help fund this project, please contact

Crystal LaFosse at 337-802-5525.

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