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Crystal LaFosse

Founder & Director

Crystal LaFosse  

Crystal LaFosse was born and raised in Louisiana and recently became a Florida Resident who is passionate about anything fishing.  She is an accomplished mother to 12 year old Cardyn and a savvy business woman who has experience running marinas, tackle shops, tournaments and events, boat provisions, and she loves to fish!  She always had a dream to start a fishing club and the timing was finally right.  Crystal loves the outdoors, good food, traveling, and can be found at the beach with her son in her downtime.  


Club Official

Katie Glaze

Katie Glaze was born and raised on a farm in Illinois however after 19 years of living along the Emerald Coast she has traded in her cowboy boots for a passion to be on the water.  You can find her working out, shopping for the next best deal, and even styling her friends for their next big event.  Her creativity and fashion forward mindset is even leading to exciting launches of new product lines for the Club.  Stay tuned to see what she has in store next!

Pat & Pam LaFosse

Club Officials

Pat & Pam LaFosse

Pat & Pam LaFosse are from Lake Charles, LA who are here to support and help their daughter, Crystal, in the success of the Club. Both newly retired, they are living their best life.  They are avid outdoorsmen who spend all their time hunting and fishing.  They also enjoy traveling, camping, motorcycle riding, hanging out with their awesome friends, and spoiling their grandson Cardyn.  Geaux Tigers!

Rob Noelker

PCB Club Official 

Rob Noelker

Rob Noelker was born in Jacksonville, FL, but calls Kentucky home after moving all over as a military family.  He quickly got involved in all things fishing after moving to Panama City, now running a charter business and captain of private vessels.  As an incredibly passionate outdoorsman, if he’s not on the water, you can find him on the golf course, in the mountains, traveling, or simply enjoying time with friends and family.


PCB Club Official 

Tyler Robinson

Tyler Robinson was born and raised in Panama City Beach, FL where he fell in love with offshore fishing at a very young age.  Tyler is a Civil Engineer graduate from Florida State University.  When he's not working, he is fishing offshore, traveling with his wife, Paige, or hanging out with his two dogs.  Go 'Noles! 

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PCB Club Officials

Cole & Taylor Sauls

Cole Sauls is a local Marine Artist and his wife Taylor Sauls owns Salty Marlin Realty. They are a fishing family residing in Panama City Beach with a love for all things outdoors including bow hunting. Cole is now focused on his  career as a Marine Artist and Taylor has been a licensed real estate agent who has worked her way into the top 1% of her local market. The Sauls family are a proponent for sustainable fishing practices and strive to ensure a healthy fishery. This is especially important for the preservation of the area's marine life! 


The Destin Advisory Board consist of people who play a role in our great community. 

We strongly believe that when you bring a group of people together for the greater good, it brings wisdom and growth.  

Mic Parker

Private & Charter Captain


Megan & Jonathan Selfe

Sponsor | Club Wyndham

Emerald Coast Big Game Fishing Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization. 

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