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. . . 2024


Heaviest Trout, Redfish, & Sheephead

Redfish Slot 18"-27"


Entry: $75 per Angler • $100 per non-member Angler

Over $5,000 Cash & Prizes

Redfish & Trout • 1st Place $1,200 • 2nd Place $800 • 3rd Place $400

Largest Sheephead • $200

Picture verification will be sent via text to all anglers.  

  1. Registration: Begins March 20 online or at Emerald Coast Bait & Tackle.  You can register in-person on March 31 at Boathouse between 5:00 - 7:00pm.  All entries must be received by March 31 at 7:00pm.    

  2. Fishing Time: Lines in at 7:00am - Lines out by 4:00pm

  3. Weigh-in: Scales open at 3:00pm at Boathouse.  Bring your fish via boat or vehicle.  Must be in-line to weigh your fish by 5:00pm.  

  4. Picture verification must accompany each fish to be weighed in and include the designated marker to be assigned the night before fishing begins.  

  5. Awards: Awards will be presented after the closing of scales, approx. one hour after.

  6. Fish can be caught on live, dead, or artificial bait by hook and line only.  No cast nets, pole spears, traps, electric reels, etc.  

  7. Anglers are allowed to weigh one fish per species. Heaviest speckled trout, sheephead, and the redfish slot is 18-27 inches. In case of a tie, the first weighed in will be the tie breaker.

  8. Fishing is permitted on a boat, land, or pier.  No limitations of boundaries, just make sure you get to the weigh-in on time.

  9. ECBGFC reserves the right to reject any fish due to its condition.  The condition of the fish will be left to the scrutiny of the Tournament Director and Weigh Master.  Their decision is final.

  10. All winners are subject to a polygraph test and fish are subject to gutting on-site.  

  11. ECBGFC is not responsible for any weather conditions.

  12. All anglers compete as one division in this tournament.  Youth Anglers and Lady Anglers will get credit of points towards the end of the year awards.  

By registering for this tournament, you certify that I have read and understand the Inshore Tournament Rules listed on the website, which will be made final by the closing of registration. I waive and release all officials and staff of the Emerald Coast Big Game Fishing Club, Inc., Boathouse Oyster Bar, Volunteers, and Sponsors of any and all claims of personal injury, lost or stolen property, and accidents and/or damages incurred in connections with this tournament and event. I further agree and understand that the tournament committee reserves the right to terminate any entry, if they shall choose, for any reason. Cheating is not permitted and fish will be subject to gutting.

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